Viernes, 03 de abril de 2009

Ved, pues los resultados del curso de los asesores de Obama a nuestro alcalde y como se prepara para ser parlamentario europedo, perdón, europeo.
Montesirin questions:

Dear slaves, sorry, citizens, below you can see my english homeworks,

  • I hold a condom, and you don’t, blooddy PPro. My group waves condoms in the "council meeting".hacer pedazos
  • This bill is not false, it’s only a copy of the original one, ha, ha, ha.Muchas risas
  • My brigades men usually go to Cuba to f.., sorry to help progress guys by give them as a gift, old buses, old machinery and so on. "My" Town Hall pays everything.careto esperma
  • "My" Mercasevilla employees have not stolen anything, they only  were collecting different currencies because of numismatic hobby.
  • Town Hall subcontrators are rich and mi cousin "trink" money without making the web job, hi, hi ,hi.Bailando

    Definitely, We can!!!!


Freddy, your beloved Mayor

Nota: El que no lo entienda que le pida a Zapatero el pinganilllo que llevaba en el G-20

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